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Inner Peace

Do you want to reach a state where life’s challenges are understood to be simply testing grounds to confirm that you have reached peace and tranquility?

Do you feel as though you have ventured off path and are having difficulty finding your true path again? What can you do to final peace and tranquility?

These states of peace and tranquility never suddenly appear. These states are not something that you can search out and find. For most, these are states of existence that materialize over time through a change of attitude and focus and normally these slowly manifests. They will not be found outside of ourselves through a loving relationship or through the perfect profession or even from a guide who appears to have all the answers. No one can take you to these states of attitude.

You can meditate, practice self-sacrifice and walk the humble path, but inner peace is not found in any of these practices. Neither people nor things will magically create this state that many long for.

Inner peace is a state that radiate from within. It is part of the process of living and growing. The peace that we seek it not found in any of the above manifestations, but this goal and way of living is actually the glimmer of inner peace.

Being humble, compassionate and filled with love are the outer edges of inner peace. Having faith and openly accepting life and its lessons nurtures inner peace and allow is to bloom and flourish. Struggles, non-acceptance, stress, frustration, anger are the clouds that block the light of inner peace. Allow the winds of faith to remove these storm clouds.

All the wonders and beauty of life are reflections of inner peace.

Inner peace, no matter how turbulent our current conditions in life, is simply a change of attitude towards these conditions, an allowance of faith that all conditions in life are lessons for growth and that our pure essence will guide and mold us into the best that we can be. We are capable of learning and expanding from each and every one of these lessons.

As we allow inner peace, we feel a deep love and compassion towards our outer world. Happiness is an offshoot to this unfolding.

Inner peace is within your grasp. You are love. Allow your true essence to thrive. Have faith that you are guided and that you are protected. You have nothing to fear. Yes; life will teach you difficult lessons but these are in place to allow you to grow. Accept (do not judge or control), have faith, let go of worry and stress, be content, enjoy and live within each moment, see the beauty and the good in ALL people and things.....these are the ingredients for inner peace.

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