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You might ask yourself, “What doors are in front of me that I am unable to open?” “What events will I be part of during this journey?” “What part will I play if anything in these events?” “Will I be able to perform my duties and fulfill my calling?”

These are questions of someone who has doubts especially in self. These can be reflections of someone who may be unwilling to let go and let life.

No door will remain locked if we are willing to utilize the key. More often than not, we are the keys to these symbolic locked doors in life. The answers we look for are not found on the other side of life’s veil. The answers we need are wrapped in each and every moment of living. Realization is not some far-out ideas or imagined concepts that will suddenly show themselves to you. As long as we are open to all possibilities, the answers are at our finger tips. We do not have to go searching.

What we are searching for are not fantastic concepts or fictional ideas. Truth is very simple and available to us each and every day. It never truly eludes us and is not found behind closed doors. It is not dormant and it does not need to be awakened. It is already part of each of us yet some may struggle to push it deep down within. It is part of simple everyday awareness and it lives forever in the eternal moment.

We have to simply allow and know that all answers are within grasps. Listen and we will hear. Pay attention and we will recognize. Accept life in its simplest form. Do not complicate the equation. Simply enjoy life and see the glories places it will take us. Have no expectations. We simply cannot image where that will take us. Understand that our minds will interfere but even this interference eventually becomes recognizable and controlled.

The integrated hoax that deceives us has us looking for something so peculiar that we feel it is too difficult to find and that it takes tremendous efforts to realize. The simple fact is that we are already living our perfect lives. We are looking so hard for something other than what we have that we take away from the riches we are already endowed with. We have been conned into thinking that the perfect life is something that is always out of our reach and as long as we keep searching for more than the perfection we already have, it will never be enjoyed. We never seem to find the answers to our questions because we have not accepted the answers which have already been provided to us.

Live in the beautiful, perfect moment. Life offers nothing more than this....this, right now! Stop....breathe......look around you and truly see your surroundings. See the beauty in all that is. Feel the rush of energy that connects each and every one of us – all living things. YOU are part of this miracle. We need nothing more than what we have in this very moment to experience life to its fullest!

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