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How we live our lives is reflective of what our lives will provide us with. As our evolving story slowly unfolds we have opportunities to move forward with integrity, learning, discovering, loving and sharing just to name a few things. Never underestimate your potential for “intentional” good. We mold our life through our interaction with others. Through this interaction, we are provided with opportunities to unleash our future karma – good or trying.

An integral part of the journey rests within the constant flow of life’s events which challenges us to make decisions that will affect our future. Karma unfolds and we at times walk on the path of developmental tensions in order to facilitate our potential fate. There is an ongoing gate of opportunity that allows us to open up to truth, to love and to compassion. We are the manufactures of these qualities and we can utilize these qualities on each and every living thing that we meet.

It is essential to be the best person you can be, to move in your intended direction with foresight and live your life according to the standards that you have set for yourself. There are stumbling blocks along life’s journey that assist you in your personal development and provide you with challenging conditions so that you begin to understand the power of the mind.

The mind’s reaction to stimuli that enters your life and through the manipulation and control of the mind’s focus, you will draw events to you. You challenge your interaction with events by facing difficulties head on and putting these challenges into their rightful place. Do not dwell on life’s hardships. Challenges are not meant to deplete your growth. They are in place for you to overcome and absorb the necessary information that you can use immediately or at a later date.

Live with integrity. Stimulate and expand your life by drawing attention to all the good within it. By doing so, you will draw more of the same. You were never intended to live your life by someone else’s standards, but you certainly need to follow your own. Listen for guidance that comes through many different channels and use your innate perception to follow what feels right. Honor your truth and live within the confines of love. Generate peace and happiness into your life through gentle guidance of your attitude and perspective.

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