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Throughout the course of our experience here on the earth, we share our experiences with one another and create connections along the way. Those that resonate with our intentions and have similar ideologies about life and its meaning join us with our journey as we move along in our intended direction. Our interchange is certainly not just by chance and these individuals have a familiar feeling about them. Have we been together before? Have we shared experiences previously?

Most of us not only believe the concept of reincarnation but are certain that we have chosen to return together. There is a strong feeling when we meet someone even for the first time that we somehow already know each other. It is believed that we have shared experiences along common ground before and we are part of a constant movement linking us together on many levels.

We share our physical existence, learning and growing individually but also as a unit. We have connections through our experiences, through our dream state and through the deeper regions of our subconscious. It is believed that on some level we discuss what would be the best routes to take as a group, and we share ideas and concepts that would help lift our evolutionary journey.

Many of us are on similar paths although there are those that connect only for a brief moment in time to act as a catalyst to push us into an intended direction and helping us to filter through the clouds of illusion that are hindering our growth. These individuals are acting in accordance to our wishes, and together we may form a bond and create the needed information on one level or another to facilitate the action that is required to motivate us to push ahead.

There are times when miraculous events occur and insight becomes so apparent that even the ego cannot filter out its significance. These moments are often found when one is transgressing through a challenging period. This intensity can push us forward into our intended direction in a quick and decisive manner. We are constantly moving forward even when we feel as though we are at a standstill. When we experience crisis in our lives, these are the times that we can be bombarded with enlightenment and an unfolding of realizations that would have taken so much longer to understand under normal circumstances.

It is important to pay attention during these times of extreme stress and challenge to understand that these events of duress are our greatest learning tools. These experiences help us realize that we have a powerful drive to stay strong in the face of adversity and we recognize that our endurance and strength is immense. We have nothing to fear, except fear itself.

There are many challenging moments in our lifetime that we will need to confront and maneuver through, but be sure to know that you have what it takes to get you through. Your friends and passing acquaintances as well as your guides are always at your side. True friends and those with your best interests at heart are always willing and able to assist you in the long haul. Persevere and conquer any obstruction along the way and know that it will make you stronger and push you in the intended direction. You always have what you need at your disposal.

Through your own willingness to give love, life too will spread love and joy throughout your ongoing journey. Live with passion. Advance with resilience and confidence. Stand tall in the face of adversity. Always remember you are spiritual energy living in a physical body--always alive and always subconsciously aware.

Bring this awareness to the surface and realize your true purpose.

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