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Internal Connection

Today’s post was received during a meditation and psychic development class conducted by Kim Mehmet of Practical Magick held at Positive Pathways Barrie. We are sharing this information to provide you with an understanding that if you ask for a connection with your higher self or your spirit guides, the connection does occur. All of the individuals who attended the class meditated and then were asked to write three pages without thinking about what they were be open to the information that flowed. These channels are more open when you have first meditated and with practice the flow of information becomes clear. The following is a transcript of the information that was received during this particular session.

The first word received was “Believe”.

The automatic writing continued as follows:

“When we begin to allow feedback without interference, we open doors to perception that are not ordinarily available. We channel inner reflection and form specifics. We mold our concept for what is true to ourselves and are not aware of where it will take us.

Upon delivery, we begin to recognize a part of ourselves that we may not be all that familiar with. We acknowledge that inner communion is common place as it begins to feel normal. In reflection, we are learning the process of tuning in on a higher frequency.

The doorway opens and we walk in with ourselves for the first time. We are not all that comfortable because it is new and foreign but the process has begun. With an eye on the future, we capture a glimmer of what that potential is.

This reflection of what is to come might not be clear or it may not be in a direction we anticipate, but we know instinctively that it is where we should go. We may be unsure about the final outcome but are willing to take that step. We also understand that following along will lead us to our desired path.

As we move into our intended path, we begin to uncover inner compulsions that push us in certain directions. We move forward with ease as we relinquish our control and let go of the ego’s interference. Furthermore upon reflection, we hold close to the idea that what we uncover is intended and we receive it with openness and acceptance.

It is our purpose to link up with ourselves and uncover our secret identity. We already know who we are but need to become acquainted once again. This is our purpose and we are here to uncover life’s hidden meaning and find our path.”

This completes the meditational writing received. I believed that when we understand our individual purpose and come to terms with our spiritual incarnation into physical form (knowing that our real identity is spiritual and we have chosen this physical incarnation to manifest and link up with our higher selves) that an awakening will unfold.

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