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Internal Health

Health concerns should be addressed in such a way that they are understood from the inside out and not the outside in. Many people view their body in these terms and do not take into consideration the effects the mind has on the body and its functions.

If you have been diagnosed with a condition regardless of how it has been defined, it is very important to first come to an understanding that the diagnosed illness is generated because of a need for change. It is challenging to accept that the mind will interfere in such a way that if you do not make the changes or adjustments that are required then over time it can manifest as an illness. This of course varies with each individual as some of us have come into this world to learn a valuable lesson by living under conditions linked to our health or lack of good health.

The soul can choose these conditions and will commit to whatever is needed to facilitate growth on this level of understanding.

There are, however, those of us who become ill because of circumstances in life. In many cases, but not all, these conditions are reflective of internal dialogue that is not being adhered to. The inner self is making suggestions on required life changes that will promote a healthier living environment (possibly mentally and physically) for the individual concerned. This could include many factors, (too many to discuss in this post) but suffice to say that the individual will have been bombarded with information and events pointing to the required change prior to the onset of the illness or dis”ease”.

Most illnesses stems from the subconscious. If those suffering from illness or disease become blanketed with feelings of sorrow or sadness in any form or fashion, they are promoting the growth of the illness. On the other hand, positive thinking and the ability to view the body either in recovery mode or in an already perfect state of health will work to promote health and wellbeing. A positive attitude will help facilitate a healthier view of the situation instead of promoting the illness by providing it with negative attention. Remember, whatever the mind is allowed to focus on will promote growth in that direction. When we concentrate on how bad we feel or acknowledge ownership of the illness, it becomes ours and has the potential for growth.

The energies of life work in such a way that you promote expansion of whatever you allow your thoughts to focus on. It is important, therefore, to concentrate on a healthy and well maintained body even though it may not feel that way all the time. Promote positive energy and allow it to radiate throughout your body on a constant basis. When the mind wonders, do not be overly concerned as it takes much of the same thought process to generate conditions. Simply and gently switch your minds focus on the healing potential already present within your body.

For those of us that know of others that are undergoing challenging conditions, do not spend any time worrying about their condition, or feeling sorry for them. Address your focus on their body healing itself and simply offer positive affirmative thoughts and healing energy to the individual. This cannot hurt in any way but negative, worrisome sentiments do not assist in their healing.

It is also important to understand that the soul has a mission and in some cases, the body will not heal as this is the path of greatest growth for this individual. There are, however, many more cases of disease and illness that can be healed through healthy practices, positive attitudes and healing modalities.

Bring forth health and the natural healing capabilities that the body is capable of creating through positive thoughts and allow the free-flow of healing energy room to expand.


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