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Inside of us is a treasure chest of wealth being activated particularly at this point in time. These precious qualities may be quite evident with some and much more subtle with others. No matter if you are one of the individuals who is using this current time to reactivate these treasurer within or if you are an individual who has been utilizing these treasurers throughout you whole like, the time is certainly ripe for pursuing the use of these tools for positive results and for getting that extra little push to gain momentum in lifes direction.

It may appear that we are at the mercy of life events. Stop and take a good look around us. We are experiencing, in many cases, the most profound life situation in our journey to date. Some people will view this through eyes of fear and anxiety. Some individuals will put their head in the sand, and some simply allow life to move forward without worry or anxiety getting in the way.

We are experiencing a precipitous climb up the ladder of life’s teachings currently (in my opinion).

In many ways we are opening up to energies within and experiencing facets of our being that have never been quite as clear as they may be now. We can use this time for self-evaluation and promote the development of our higher qualities. We are here to advance however it is we advance on this earthly plain and this experience can certainly help our momentum forward by being our true, deep, original self.

We are at the threshold of change and we can step forward with intent if and when we realize the opportunity that is at hand.

This can be a time of great change. What is the potential of our success in moving forward as a whole for the betterment of the whole? That is up to each individual part. We are not separated. We have always been one.

We all share this experience together. Each one of us is experiencing the same storm but each riding the wave in our own vessel. We are experiencing the same storm and can certainly assist others maybe by only helping ourselves. With a strong commitment and attitude, our energy and attitudes are contagious. What a win, win situation.

Exponential Growth is at hand. Use this time in reflection, evaluation, and integration.

What makes you human?

What makes you a spiritual being?

We are here with a purpose! There are no co-incidences.

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