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Intrinsic Values

So what is important to you? If you were to take three of your most valued treasures, what would they be? Do these treasures have intrinsic value, security or monetary value?

Security does cover a relatively wide spectrum. Are security measures based on how you feel about yourself and your life’s current state of affairs? What are they based on and do they define you as an individual? What is your concept of security? (These are concepts or belief structures that you have erected in your life—that you have built on solid foundations). Are they sound? Are the security feelings that you connect with based on financial access or are these security measures built on inner resources and something that you can always rely on?

It is important to realization that the measures you take in your life that provide you with a feeling of security are based on self-actualized concepts and belief structures that you have erected in your life. True security and comfort levels will remain consistent if they come from within. Getting in touch with yourself and finding an honest evaluation of what your objectives in life are can assist in evaluating where your priorities lie.

If you find that your definition of security is based on what you own or what you are doing for a living, take a moment to figure out why these values are significant in your life and how they affect your growth as an individual. Do they initiate development on a deep level? Are they part of your awakening? Do your security measures come from spontaneous joyful feelings associated with everyday living? Do they resonate with who you are and will they help you to achieve a clearer state of being?

In order to feel lasting fulfilment and true meaning, do you not have to uncover facets of your inner core and unlock your truest potential? Is it not important to get in touch with your higher self and to manifest a combination of inner spiritual enlightenment and human interaction? Getting in touch with our true identity and to facilitate communion with self are true stepping stones to security and self worth.

Meditation is one of the best vehicles to travel this path to awakening and spiritual enlightenment. It helps to quiet the mind and accentuates a path that you can move along when your search goes beyond material contentment and financial security. Meditation is the path of least resistance to reach our ultimate goals.

What is our single most important reason for this existence? When awakened to our true purpose, we realize the “why” behind this existence....the purpose to this physical world. You are already connected to this information. It quietly waits within. Open the channels of communication. You are a spiritual being living in a physical body.

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