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Intuitive guidance can be utilized at any time if you are open to the message. It has no prerequisite. Intuition could be called the voice, the seeing, the smell, the touching, the tasting, the understanding of the unconscious. In most cases it is subtle but in some cases it speaks clearly and concisely. These are the times we cannot question its validity.

Intuition can come as a warning, can contain needed information and can be counted on. It provides insight when you cannot find the answers with our rational mind. It is available when you need it most if we quiet the babbling mind. Intuition is a profound tool at our disposal, although it is rarely forceful. We can utilize the information (in whatever form) that comes to us or we can allow is to pass us by. It is a choice.

The mind will continually question information obtained intuitively. It will question its validity most always. We will instinctively know or feel that the information we receive is truth. Our gut will tell us so. Sometimes we can be so wrapped up in events that the information go by with little notice and we will recall, after the event is over. It is then that we wish we had listened to that “hunch”.

When the situation is dangerous, intuition can be anything but subtle. The message can be very pronounced. The more you pay attention to your intuition, the clearer the messages will become and the easier it is to recognize their importance.

Let your intuitive insight be your guiding. Recognizing that it stems from your higher self, and it can always be relied upon.

Intuition is your guiding companion.

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