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Does your spiritual or mystical growth seem to be stagnating? Are you questioning if you are reverting back or that your progress might not continue?

There can be times when the energies just do not seem to flow easily. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances from outside influences that we allow to penetrate into our focus. Simply put we have allows a block to be erected which is now jamming the positive flow of energy. Is this a test of our commitment to what we believe? If we cannot stand behind our beliefs structures during stressful times, what value is there in these beliefs?

It is normal from time to time to experience lulls with the receipt of information or insights. We can experience massive leaps forward and then a seemingly stop in progress. Maybe these are period to apply the knowledge that we have gains so that it becomes second nature to us. We are evolving. Have patience. Is patience the lesson at hand?

Sometimes ego can cause great interference in our evolution. This can happen when we are actually moving forward quite well, as ego can slip in, in the most subtle ways. For some reason, ego feels threatened yet in reality it takes its rightful place at ours side and can assist us when needed in a positive way. You can call this transformation a regenerative period when ego is in its lesser state, a state of confusion and fear. In this state it is aligned with negativity. When we align our focus with source, ego to will align and help to aid us in our ongoing evolving story called “life”.

Don’t be dismayed during these lulls. It will only last as long as it takes for us to become aware that ego is intruding or whatever other barrier we have erected. When we stop identifying with its negative intent and taking it on as our own or tear down the barriers, we again will pick up momentum. The mind can be stimulated in many directions and we, the ones that are listening, decide which course to take. Sometimes we lose track of our identity and get lost in the process, but once we realign, we find our way back (even though we were never lost).

There are other times in our busy lives when life just seems to dictate and we find we have little time for our own personal journey. Children, work, parents and life seem to dictate where we need to focus in this material work, and yes it is important to make time for these. We should, however, take time each day especially in the most busy schedules to service our own personal needs. Perhaps we can find a few minutes to meditate. It is not necessary to set aside a lot of time to find our meditation zone once we have had a little practice. Utilize those short a stop light, in the washroom, waiting in line. Put these times to good use. Something just a couple of moments of meditation can put us back into rhythm so that we feel we are progressing again.

It should be noted that even when life seems to dictate, we are still on path. We are meant to “sway” (so we think) from time to time and we can use this time to review where we are in life and realize that our connection to spirit is actually much stronger than it was even 6 months ago. It is all a state of mind and your personal perception can be altered whenever you want. Do not be discouraged. Every moment is new. Once we recognize this and we can stop fighting the process. Enjoy each and every moment that life is providing you with. Being in the moment is such a wonderful stress reliever. There is nothing to worry about within the moment. The past is behind you and the future is not here....just this moment.....right now. What a blessing.

If you are struggling to move forward or are overwhelmed with the barriers you are facing, Astrology shows areas that are restrictive and areas that are holding back your progress. A chart is quite beneficial to help identify these barriers so that we can tear them down.

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