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Mystical unfolding is not some miraculous event that only happens to the chosen few. There is potential of for everyone. Enlightenment and its experience is not an idea or concept; it is a belief structure and attitude which is in hands of the believer. We are all born the same and are linked to all of creation, so when one of us moves forward and expands, we all move forward and expand.

Living our lives according to those feelings and quiet whispers that stem from deep within is part of the process of enlightenment. These are the guiding forces that push us ahead towards recognizing what is already a part of our true identity. We are at the foothills of understanding and are slowing opening to true understanding each moment of our day. Do not sit in wait for something magnificent to happen. Recognize that it is already a part of you. Looking for something implies that it is missing in some way and not part of your life.

You are at the controls; you are in control. What is IS due to your perception of what you believe to be possible.

We are all part of this unfolding story. We do not NEED (for it is not essential) anyone to guide us; we can simply listen to the voice within and believe. It is certainly okay to WANT someone to assist us however.

Just as mystical insight can be very subtle, such is our awakening process.

Awaken to that possibility for these possibilities reside in each waking moment. The truth is already a part of you and any answers to the questions you ask can be found within. Listen to the quiet voice. Remain open and in anticipation just as you wait for a knock on the door when you know company is on their way.

Awakening is truth in its highest form and reality in its foremost expression.

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