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Every living organism has a vibration and is part of the cosmic collectiveness. We are interconnected with all life and feel and give off vibrations.

Since humans can vibrate on different frequencies, we can share our evolutional development with those that vibrate on different frequencies. Love, peace, and compassion vibrates for example are on the higher frequencies, while hate, violence, greed, and malicious intent vibrate on the lower frequencies. All vibrations are create by intent whether we are aware of this or not.

How important is it that we shed our unwanted or lower energies and transform them into higher vibrations?

Our energy is like a ripple on the water reaching far and wide, never ending and gathering momentum through the energies of others who vibrate on similar frequencies.

You can change your frequency when necessary and share your light with others, so that “the movement” can be enhanced and always shared, even with those that are unaware.

Take an honest look at yourself and ensure you are vibrating on a high level. It take work but it is worth it for you and all whom you touch.

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