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They say that everything happens for a reason. Do you feel this holds truth?

Are you opening the door to creativity, on any level?

Are you developing a skill-set that sets you apart from the “norm”?

Are you entering into an important relationship that will change your life forever?

As our title today suggests, this would not be happening unless it was meant to. Whether or not you feel ready for these changes, they would not be happening unless the timing was perfect and in line with your path.

Nothing in life happens by chance. Everything happens for a reason. Many times we may not understand this process or see the full picture or even believe that this is the case but that does not change the process.

Some of us may never question anything and some of us may question everything.

We may all have our own definition of significance but it is my opinion that everything in life is significant. Yes, everything. If we are truly living in the moment that each of us share, the significance of that particular moment is purely recognized. If, however, we are constantly living in our minds and not aware of the moment, we may fail to recognize the moment’s worth. Most things will just pass us by.

Events or things would not be happening to you or recognized by you unless they were meant to be.

We ride the wave of life together and have an influence on each other. This is not just by chance; these are influential purposes. Those individuals that you get close to in life play an important part in your life. Do not play down their importance.

Realize the importance of every event. Each moment is meant to be. Everything in life plays a significant role e

vent if we do not understand this role. You are here to learn, to experience and to explore. Do not miss anything. Do not let ego convince you that you are not worthy or that you are not ready, the time is now. Enjoy the moment.

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