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How many of us judge others and how they live?

Our view of others is tightly entwined with our personal view of self and more often than not mirrors our own self image.

Because of other’s personal view of themselves, we should not allow ourselves to be affected by others’ opinions and judgements. Someone else’s opinion says much about them and little about you. They recognize or exaggerate a specific quality in you and because of a lack of self-reflection, do not consciously see this within themselves.

We unfortunately can be blind to our own habits and reactions, and it can be helpful when others share their observations. We must keep our ego under control, however. Honest self reflection can point out “shortcomings” and with recognition comes solution. Another method to recognize characteristics within ourselves that we may be blind to is to pay attention to those things that bother us about others. This can be an excellent personal monitor to assist in self reflection.

What others think is their issue. Our own opinion of self is truly important. Because of this, make sure that you are seeing yourself clearly and not selling yourself short.

You do not have to please others, but you must be happy with who you are. Take an honest look. Do some self reflection. Sometimes acknowledgment can be challenging but necessary. Other times what we see can expand in a very positive sense.

It IS good to reflect and be sure to include all the great qualities as well. What we focus on expands. Where does your focus lie?

This also holds true for others. When we look for fault in others, fault is all that we will see. If we look for the greatness in others, then greatness will be seen.

Do not make a career out of judging others or yourself. You will never accomplish excellence. Self analysis and paying attention to our positive attributes, these we can excel at. Moving away from constant negative reflection which will allow contentment and happiness.

Find your true expression and stop worrying about what others think!

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