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We all know the saying “You can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.” How could we possibly understand someone if we are unaware of their life’s circumstances or experience life from their view point?

We always need to view life through their eyes to have a glimmer of understanding of the complexities in their lives. What do they experience on a regular basis whether by events or attitude? How does their mind react to conditions?

Early influence and upbringing is often at the core of our relationships and our way of handling events. There are so many factors that create our reactions. Were we mentally abused? Did our parents have addictions? Were our parents too busy to make time for us? Was violence a daily norm? Was love freely shared?

We all have our reasons for our attitudes and reactions in life. That being said, I would be remiss if I did not add that we also have a choice to deal with the trauma these influences have created. These influences do not have to define us.

How can we judge someone else’s responses to life without clearly understanding the why behind these actions and responses? One step further….why do we have to judge them? Eliminate a judgement reaction and replace it with a compassionate reaction.

Again, why do we react with judgement? The one thing we have control over is our reactions. Let’s deal with that. Learning to eliminate judgement and replace it with compassion and a loving intent can change the world. Our own reaction can either compound a situation or it can offer a solution. Which end result has the positive outcome?

Our reaction to people and events has an influence. Do we allow ego to compound a situation or do we step forward with love and compassion?

If we can be mindful with our responses and not react to situations, we can not only create peace for someone around us but we can create peace for ourselves. Judgement of others serves no one!

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