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Jupiter is known as the great benefactor and often extends good luck and opportunities when it makes contact with planets while transiting through the horoscope. Jupiter’s energies are what we wait for and it brings with it expansion on many levels related to the house position that it is transiting through and the areas of life represented by those positions.

It will bring beneficial opportunities and success into life unless the planet it touches is severely afflicted in the natal chart or poorly aspected by other transiting planets. In this case, there are times when one becomes expectant of something good happening and overestimates the outcome.

When Jupiter makes aspects especially by trine or sextile and in most cases conjunctions to the Sun, Venus, the Ascendant, the midheaven and even the north node, opportunities for advancement are likely. When these planets and important points are aspected adversely, opportunities still present themselves, but you may have to work harder for lesser results.

Saturn is basically the only planet that suggests challenging conditions linked to Jupiter unless it is really well aspected in the birth chart.

Jupiter deals with religion, spirituality, philosophy and is often tied to higher learning. It does rule law and the legal system and there are times when Jupiter aspects a planet or is moving through the ninth house that legalities are enhanced and opportunities for a successful conclusion are more likely. It may work in your favor but not always in as big of a return as is expected. Jupiter does sometimes bring just what you are asking for so it is important to ask for what is appropriate and to find satisfaction in all outcomes.

Even the squares and oppositions when involved with Jupiter seem to bring more benefits than when these oppositions are associated with other planetary energies. Just watch for overextending yourself during these times as Jupiter tends to expand everything it touches.

Some people gain weight when Jupiter crosses over the Ascendant.

If there are other energies that suggest that there is the potential for things not working out, Jupiter can expand on these energies although in most cases it helps rather than hinders.

Jupiter almost always promises opportunities for expansion and growth so take advantage of these times in your life and make Jupiter work for and with you.

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