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Transiting Jupiter went retrograde on April 10, 2019, and you may have felt its energies slowing, up to a few days prior to that date. It will remain retrograde until August 11, 2019 when it goes direct again. At that time, its energies will flow freely once again.

If you have planets or an angle that falls between 14-24 degrees of Sagittarius, you will feel these energies more strongly than those without a planet in these degrees.

Jupiter turned “stationary” retrograde on April 10 at 24 degrees Sagittarius and will go stationary “direct” on August 11 at 14 degrees Sagittarius. During the retrograde motion and especially when it is stationary retrograde for a few days, Jupiter’s energies are harnessed and they cannot flow with full expression.

We have noted that people do not feel as optimistic and eager to move ahead under this influence and in many cases the traditional good fortune of Jupiter is stifled until it goes direct again.

Most planets in retrograde suggest that this is a time of review and contemplation. A time of inner reflection as physical progress is difficult.

Since Jupiter has to do with spirituality and religion and life philosophies, this will be a time for inner contemplation particularly in relation to the house position of transiting Jupiter connected in some way to spirituality and philosophy and religious inclinations. Any planet or angle that it touches under this influence will be stifled and potentially have challenging conditions linked to it.

For example, if Venus were part of the equation then perhaps there might be some challenges linked to finances or your love life. Feelings of sensitivity towards those you care for may not be allowed full expression or may be challenged in some way. Once it passes, the degree of the planet in question moving direct in motion, there may be a renewed sense of happiness and the finances (in this example)may flow more freely. Of course, other transits will also have to be calculated for a full evaluation of what might take place.

The retrograde movement usually lasts about 4 months and in August when Jupiter returns to the original position it was at on the onset of its retrograde cycle on April 10, it will be “peddle to the meddle and full steam ahead”.

If you have a planet or angle on the stationary degree, it is most influential. Those that have nothing at these degrees (the strongest is the conjunction and then the opposition) may not feel much of the energy stifling effects while Jupiter is in retrograde.

As Jupiter goes into retrograde motion there is a sense that things are slowing down and as it approaches its direct motion again there is a sense that a path might be taken and an eagerness of what might come next.

Once direct again, the brakes are released and the engine begins to power up. During its retrograde cycle, the normal generosity and optimistic approach that Jupiter often suggests may even stop working or at the very least, will have slowed down. During the retrograde energies, it is time to delve deep and find optimism internally, although you may feel somewhat limited.

When Jupiter stations (appears not to be moving between the direct and retrograde motions), it will exaggerate anything that it touches within the natal chart. You can allow about a 2-3 degree orb of influence when in relationship to a planet or angle, but again, these energies will be much stronger for those with planets between the 14 to 24 degree of Sagittarius.

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