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Jupiter’s energy is connected to good luck, prosperity and expansion. Wherever it is located in the birth chart the potential for good luck and growth is often amplified.

When Jupiter moves into its retrograde cycle, this motion can last 120 days and move backwards up to 20 degrees; therefore, its influence is widespread and lasting. Much of Jupiter’s influence depends on the aspects it makes to other influences in the natal chart and when it is in transit much will depend on the angle it makes to the planets it will be touching.

As mentioned, Jupiter brings with it good fortune and opportunities for expansion when in direction motion. When it is in retrograde motion, these energies do slow down and these energies can even be denied but it does facilitate faith and levelheadedness. It offers an ability to succeed even under these conditions.

Jupiter direct is highlighted by splendour and potential and when it goes retrograde we appreciates all the festivities or opportunities that come along but there is a modest quality that is often not found when Jupiter is direct.

From February 6, 2017 to June 9, 2017, Jupiter will be in its retrograde cycle for this year. It will be stationary for about 2-4 days as each cycle begins (retrograde/direct) and this is when the energies are the strongest. When it is retrograde, any business and/or opportunity that you have been pursuing might move a lot slower than when Jupiter was direct. It may even cease or become none existent during Jupiter’s retrograde cycle but in some cases can be renewed with greater vigor when its motion returns to direct. We should go through a time of re-appraising and review so as to ensure that we know what can be done to save the endeavour when the direct cycle returns.

You may find that when Jupiter is direct your freewheeling and spending is exaggerated. You may feel more comfortable spending your hard earned money and when it is in its retrograde cycle, you may be more thrifty and careful in these areas. In some ways, Jupiter retrograde takes on similar qualities as Saturn, in that it may restrict, delay and obstruct what you may be trying to accomplish. It makes you work hard for good results, but diligence pays off.

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