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Jupiter Retrograde

Transiting Jupiter went into retrograde motion on December 8, 2014 and stays in retrograde until April, 2015. It moves as far as 22 degrees into the sign of Leo and then retrogrades back as far as 12 degrees of the same sign. You can use an orb of 3-4 degrees when determining if it will affect any of your planets or important points in your natal chart. As it crosses these placements, the energy of Jupiter will increase.

Under normal direct motion conditions, Jupiter is known as the great benefactor, but it is said that when it moves into retrograde motion, these characteristics seem to fade and its normal opportunistic energy will be felt on an inner level while on the outer material side of things, it is less effective. It is suggested that if you are in the mind set of buying property or big luxury items that you reconsider and wait until Jupiter moves direct again. Much depends on the natal aspects to your Jupiter, but during this retrograde period, Jupiter is not as lucky as it is under normal conditions.

When a planet moves into retrograde, its influence is felt on an inner level rather than felt through our outer material world. During this retrograde cycle, you can benefit greatly if you focus on inner growth and awareness. Get in touch with self. Objectively viewing self and making alterations along the way would be very beneficial.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and is connected to spirituality and the philosophies of life that have meaning. If you have a look at the house it is transiting through as well as the house it is located in your natal chart, these will be areas of life that you can work on and transform in ways that will suit you better down the road once Jupiter goes direct again. A time of introspection is highlighted and should be viewed on a positive note, even if what you see or your life’s direction is not what you thought it was. This is a time when you can review the past and make constructive adjustments to the way you have been living your life, transforming your life’s direction, and putting yourself on route to the most productive road in life.

This transit of Jupiter will be closely connected to the lessons in life that are required at this time. Make sure that you are honest with yourself and you can truthful examine your current choices. Honestly gage these choices with an open mind and decide what you want to change and what is worthy of keeping. These are often aspects of self that need some tweaking. Once tweaked, these changes will alter your route to put you on a more direct path for your life’s course. Look inside yourself and rediscover these inner riches.

If you are making plans to enter into a business venture make sure that you take the time to consider all the aspects connected to this decision. You may find that you will make large expenditures during this time which may not be such a good idea. It is actually best to wait before making any decisions, unless your natal Jupiter and the planets connected to it in the natal chart are really well aspected. Check to see what the natal chart is saying and then make your decisions. This is not to say that every interaction will turn out negatively, but often under this retrograde positioning, there are exaggerations of the potential fortune awaiting your approval. Just make sure that you are viewing these contacts with clarity and watch for overly expanded optimism.

Once Jupiter has gone back into direct motion and it is making aspects to other planets in your natal chart, you can re-examine your potential and choices. You will undoubtedly be able to make a clearer decision on the potential outcome of these proposed material ventures.

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