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Jupiter has been in its retrograde cycle since early February, 2017, and remains in this cycle until it stations and turns direct on June 9. Jupiter is in the sign of Libra and will be positioned between 13 to 23 degrees while in its retrograde cycle.

If you have Jupiter retrograde at birth, this often indicates that in a previous life there may have been difficulty and a feeling of not reaching true goodness on some level. This life, as a result of what was lacking in the previous life, will be about moving towards happiness, contentment and growth in the areas of life indicated by the placement of Jupiter by sign and house in the natal chart.

Retrograde cycles (except when dealing with Saturn) deal with action of planning, setting things up, and preparing for when the planet goes direct again. The direct motion will be when the opportunity for achievement or success will be highlighted. Growth and expansion are indicated in areas related to romance, marriage, social interaction and creative balance (with the current Libra influence). This is what we work towards when Jupiter is transiting through Libra. Sometimes on rare occasions unexpected luck comes into play after this cycle is complete but there have to be indications leaning in this direction in the birth chart.

Aspects to Jupiter and its placement in the natal chart will help you understand what areas of life are affected, what to expect and the overall conditions of what might take place.

If your romantic situation needs some work this will be the time when you can begin to assimilate what is the best approach to alleviate the challenging conditions and also to recognize what you need to do within yourself to make sure that life in this area runs smoothly. Always address what needs change within before you look outside for what might need adjustments. Our outside world is a reflection of what is transpiring within.

If by chance you find yourself more lucky than normal after the retrograde cycle, it might be a time of travel or pushing yourself into learning new things that might help your overall development. Growth is a byproduct of Jupiter and it can manifest on many different levels of understanding and through different life experience.

Plan your next course of action for this moment and be honest in what needs to be changed. Work towards the betterment for everyone so that the ramifications will impact your life on a positive note. Do not become self-consumed or selfish in anyway as these are negative traits that only cause problems. Take steps towards the goodness that is possible and the growth that can be generated over time with the understanding that what we work on today has the potential to expand into reality.

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