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Transiting Jupiter and transiting Pluto are within one degree in sextile with one another for most of April, 2018.

Currently Jupiter is in retrograde motion and stays in retrograde until July, 2018.

Pluto will move into retrograde nearing the end of April until the beginning of October, 2018.

These two planets will make a close sextile with one another into May and again the aspect will tighten up September, 2018. If you have planets in the 20 degree mark in your natal chart, these two planets will be making aspects to your natal planets. Much will depend on the aspects between these two planets and the natal positioning as to how this energy works.

The sextile between these two transiting planets speaks in terms of transformation and change in a big way. Pluto will change anything that needs revamping while Jupiter adds to the energies by expanding whatever it touches.

Pluto will initiate change and often disruptive change, although the transformation it initiates will be required. Jupiter in sextile to Pluto can bring forth positive changes once things begin to settle in or just make things larger than life. Often it will work in both ways. Since Pluto is in Capricorn and Jupiter is in Scorpio, a natal planet that falls at the midpoint would be favourable. Any planet around the 20 degree mark of Sagittarius would probably be influenced in a positive manner. This aspect (30 degree semi-sextile) often speaks of opportunities and being in the right place at the right time.

Much will depend on which houses these planets are transiting, the natal planet being aspected and their house position as well as which aspects that these transiting planets are making to those positions. The natal houses affected will be the areas of life involved. The energy of the natal planet and aspects received will define how these situations may unfold. For example, Venus and Jupter could bring positive results whereas Saturn could bring challenging conditions and might test your resilience. Once again the aspects tell the story.

If you were to just to take into consideration the transits and nothing more, these energies suggest potential expansion on an inner level and you would be reflective and view yourself making positive changes to enhance your growth spiritually.

If finances were part of the picture, this could be a very promising time (that is if the transits are favourable).

If the energies are work related, you may get recognition for your efforts. A potential push from your superiors is possible if Saturn is involved and in a favourable position. A trine to Pluto and a sextile to Jupiter would be very promising. A planet at around 20 degrees Virgo would create this configuration or on the flip side, a planet at 20 degrees Pisces would bring Pluto into sextile and Jupiter into a trine. This would be favourable as well.

See what potential these energies have for you. Remember your attitude towards life plays a huge role in what takes place. Although Astrology points the way and allows us to review the energies available, we always have a hand in how these energies are received and dealt with.

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