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The aspect of Jupiter in sextile with the Sun is one of the most awesome placements we can have in a birth chart. By transit it usually suggests opportunities at least while the aspect is in force. In the natal chart the opportunities represented by this fortunate aspect can be long lasting depending on which planet is aspecting this placement by transit or progression.

Remember the natal placements are stationary and they need stimulation by transit to create energy. Once activated through transit or progression this placement suggests that opportunities for growth and expansion are highlighted. The closer the natal aspect is to being direct (sextiles are 60°) the more powerful its expression.

Those with this placement (depending on what other natal positions are involved as well as the transiting planet involved) experience good luck, a feeling that nothing can go wrong, an opportunity to explore life’s potential and linkage towards opening channels to life’s path.

It also speaks of general good health and for those with health challenging conditions, a better healing environment.

The Sun has to do with who we are internally and with Jupiter in sextile to the Sun this often indicates an expansive character with an expression of good fortune, greater potential, and a general feeling that life will always work out.

Because of this attitude, these people often move in the direction of their choice and often in a growing direction. Many have a happy-go-lucky attitude and nearly always believe that something good is right around the corner. Even when life is challenging, they know that lessons are not always easily. They wrap their arms around adversity knowing that something important needs to be learned.

Those with a tight sextiles between the Sun and Jupiter often seem as though things just falls into their lap. This aspect is like a grand trines where self-sufficiency seem to prevail. Much depends on the planets aspecting this position but the most challenging is transiting Saturn making a square to one planet and an inconjunct to the other.

Those with this position in their charts should use these energies to the best of their capabilities. Those that do not have these placements can use the energies of Jupiter when in transit to expand their possibilities and remaining open to its potential when it comes their way.

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