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There are many individuals that seem to struggle through life and have their fair share of trauma. Often we question why these types of events seem to come into our lives. It is difficult to say why one soul has chosen a life of challenges and struggles and the next soul seems to glide through life with relative ease.

Some blame life’s difficulties on karma and that which has been brought forward into this life to settle the score, if you will. This may hold a great deal of relevance and could certainly bring clearer understanding as to why some struggle while others do not. Be that as it may, generally, most of us have little access to information on our pasts and we cannot recall past lives with ease. Through continuous practice of meditation and through past life regressions however, these avenues of enlightenment are certainly reachable.

It hardly seems “just” to be riddled with karma from past lives especially when we are unaware of our actions in the past. It should be clear that karma is the influence today of actions or lack of actions from the past. Karma does not just have to be challenging conditions. We are also influenced today by our positive actions of the past. It is important to pay our dues but just as important to be grateful for all of our blessings.

There is a lot of evidence that supports the existence of Karma whether it is the influence of your actions from past lives or the influence from your actions of this life.

Live your life with good intentions, through love and with a focus on the positive in your life.

We recognize that our mind’s focus has great influence on our life. By focusing on the happy and gratifying moments in our life, we are open to and invite more of the same for the future. With continued practice of focusing our minds, we can awaken to the power of positive influences in our life and actually draw these types of things in on a continuous basis. We have not been placed into this incarnation to suffer and continually be influenced by past lives.

You owe it to yourself to bring forward the positive influences that are yours. By living through good intent now, you reduce the challenging karma that you may have to endure in the next lifetime.

Is it possible for your present Karma to be acknowledged and earned/paid in this life? As a result would it leave nothing or relative little but constructive Karma to influence you in the future?

This is your life to live. Accept what comes your way without judgement and do not categorize the “why” behind life’s experiences. Bring constructive potential into this life through focus and influence what you bring into your next incarnation by today’s intentions.

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