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Happiness does not stem from your outside environment; it comes from within. Your happiness and peace of mind originate from within and the way you feel about your life reflects how you feel about yourself.

What are you putting out into the world and how is the world relating to what you present to it?

If recently you feel as though you are not being welcomed by others or that your wish is to be by yourself, question why. Are you avoiding others because of what you think of them or are you avoiding others because of how you feel about yourself?

We are not suggesting that you surround yourself with people that make you uncomfortable or with people that do not reflect your values. We are suggesting your question your motives if prior to these feelings you were a social individual.

Do you need more personal time? Is this to recharge or is it to hide?

Are you concerned about what others may think?

Are you worried that others might take advantage of you?

Are you avoiding others because you don’t feel worthy?

The list goes on and on.

Question your motives and be honest with yourself. If you would advise others to take some personal time under the same circumstances, then enjoy your quiet time to rejuvenate. If, however, you are hiding from the world due to fear or other reasons, it is time to love yourself enough to step out and connect with your tribe.

Your thoughts are what trigger moving forward or hiding away. If you don’t like what you see within, you are likely not seeing the true you. The true you is all the qualities you wish for. You would not be aware of these qualities unless they were already a part of you.

Do not identifying with the parts of yourself that you do not like. Recognized them and then let them go. Identify with those qualities you appreciate to magnify their presence. The more you focus on the latter, the more they expand. The best person you could possibly be is already a part of who you are.

This recognition exercise takes practice like physical practices to better any physical ability. With consistent effort and directing the mind to focus on the positive, you can accentuate the qualities your believed initially that were missing in your life. Once you realize that you can love yourself, you open the door for others to love you too.

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