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To what extent will you allow the energies of today affect you?

Do other people seem to make you feel stress, anger, etc.?

We must recognize that although other people are involved in our lives it is our reaction to what they bring to the table that causes stress, anxiety, that creates dis-ease. We are not at the mercy of others although at times it certainly feels that way. We can pick up and move away from the situation or we can change our attitude towards the situation. Others do not create problems or worry; we do by allowing ourselves to be penetrated/influenced by their actions.

Worry and anxiety come from within. Others may not live up to our standards or expectations. We allow ourselves to think that others should act according to our expectations and when they do not, we worry and stress. We cannot control what others do or say and when we accept this our lives become more peaceful.

Don’t be led astray by the concept that other people have full reign over our calm or feelings of peace. We and only we have reign over this.

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