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Sit by yourself and evaluate what you have let go.

Was the outcome worth the effort you put into it?

Take a moment to reflect. Were you happy or more stable after your effort?

Did it bring you peace of mind?

Sitting in solitude can often provide clear insight. Don’t forget your part in what happened, even if the event seemed out of your control. Take the necessary responsibility for all that happens.

What has been the outcome or is it still a change in process?

Where will or has this taken you?

After some intentional calm and honest evaluation, do you now understand that the change or event was meant to be?

Can you see that without effort and other influences you would never see what potential lies ahead?

You were ready or it would never have taken place, whether you see this or not. Things happen for a reason, and we are never left behind. Not embracing change is being left behind.

One step out of an old situation opens the door for many more steps into the future. We don’t know what that future will bring, so no expectations. Live in the moment. Enjoy what is in front of you. Know that change always brings opportunities……so allow.

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