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What does it cost to assists someone in need?

How often have friends, family or associates given us assistance when we were in a bad way or needed their help, if even just a shoulder? A few gentle words or a few minutes of your time can help lift someone. An ear is a wonderful dose of positive medicine. Often this is all that is needed and not difficult to do.

Sometimes the simple act of expressing your concern gives sufficient support to help those in need move toward to heal. Nothing more is required.

That elderly lady coming out of the grocery store, imagine what it would mean to her to assist her with her cart to her vehicle. It costs us nothing more than a couple of seconds of our time but to her it could spark a great feeling within and a feeling that someone cares.

That car flashing their lights at you to pull over into the right lane; did you every question what their urgency may be? It may have been impatience but it also could have been they were trying to get to someone laying in a hospital bed breathing their last breathe. What is the cost to us to pull over in the right lane to allow them passage?

We never know the circumstances of other people’s lives. Being kind and helping where help can be offered will certainly not worsen their lives. Lending a helping hand under any condition acknowledges and honours them as a living breathing person. We will never know how great of an impact our actions may have.

If we were in their shoes, what would we appreciate under those circumstances?

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