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There are some of us who have come into this life to learn lessons about humility. Perhaps they were over-zealous in a previous life and had too much power. Perhaps they abused their power and took advantage of those less fortunate. Is it now their turn to learn lessons about how to live under less than ideal conditions? They will learn the meaning of humility and find ways to rise above these feelings of inadequacy.

Many of these people are meek and shy especially in youth and slowly rise above their feelings of inadequacy, in the eyes of others but particularly in their own eyes.

It is hard to say exactly why the soul has chosen such a life of struggle and what is hoped to learn. However, in most cases a soft and gentle existence is not an existence that nurtures growth.

If we are open to our life’s experiences and do not own the sorrow and distress but see these experiences as stepping stones for our soul, the lessons are invaluable. Moving forward with these lessons allows us to move beyond the sorrow and opens the door so that we can move beyond these conditions. Much is learned.

When we learn to let go and accept, a slow but steady ascension begins and a new life slowly unfolds. The lessons learned are deep and liberating once learned.

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