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From a mystical standpoint, many of us might consider “Let ambition be your guiding force” as earthbound concept. This may be true but much depends on what you choose to focus your ambitions on.

If you are on a relentless pursuit to achieving monetary surplus and life is completely based on financial rewards, then yes from an evolutionary point of view you might be viewed as being a little overly focus on earthy obsessions, if spirituality or mysticism is your “wanted” mental objective. If, however, part of your life’s lessons involve material objectives, who are we to judge these objectives which were chosen by our higher self? How can we judge others and the path that they take? Their path has to be their intended lesson in life.

Ambition can be linked to many avenues of achievements.

We are spiritual beings living an earth-bound life but this is so very temporary. Our lessons brought on through material and physical living are important to our overall development or we would not be here in the first place. Allowing and having ambition is part of the process on whatever level we choose to focus. Allow life to manifest as it should. Allowing does not mean that we are at the mercy of life. It is a reflection of our faith in the process.

We can live this life in a spiritual manner with ambitious effort to create that which benefits self and others, whatever that may entails. We are constantly creating our reality one step at a time. Why not be ambitious. Utilize our precious moments without ego interfere. Strive for the highest of highs. Never have fear of failure as in reality there is no such thing.

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