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It can be a blessing to reminisce and recall significant periods in our lives. Some memories bring back important moments that we hold dear, while others are best left behind. As we age, we have more experiences to recall and many individuals spend much time reflecting on past events. Reminiscing can eat up many hours. Memories live on but the past is gone and what happened in the past, really has little, if any, significance on today.

Some individuals get lost in events of the past and unfortunately this steals their current day’s experiences. They may have been hurt or victimized or someone important to them may have passed away. Because of these events, they lose sight of the present and all that the present has to offer. They try to run from the hurt and in many cases they cannot because they remain in the past. We have to remind ourselves that the only constant is change. We cannot stay rigid and fixed.

Our reactions to life are personal. As change presents itself some will feel as though life is being stolen from them, some will feel lack, other may be angry or overcome by sadness and despair but there are others that see life events as a lesson and they accept, adapt, release and live.

For some of us, change may seem to be the key that has set up free or has pointed us in a new direction that offers support or hope. If we truly reflect, we may find that change has been a wonderful gift disguised as a hurdle. Trauma can be the jolt that is required to shake us out of complacency. While in the middle of the experience, it can be hard to accept that difficult life events can actually be beneficial and put us on a path of a fulfilling life.

Let go of what used to be, so that the door can open and life is allowed full expression.

Recognize the beauty in the moment and take advantage of what life offers within that moment. Live life to the fullest and experience each and every moment knowing that in some way this moment is for your betterment and that you are always on path even when things do not feel that way.

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