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Letting Go of Worry

During the course of life, there are often times that we allow ourselves to become stressed and we worry. During these times (which can be extended), we have to stop to analyse why we are concerned and worried. What can we do to change the situation or circumstances that are causing this anxiety? Can we actually do something to change things or is it out of our hands? Is the problem really ours? This latter question is one that deserves particular attention. Most times if we analyse the situation, we realize that the issue actually involves someone else. If this is the case, ask yourself, “How is worry going to resolve this situation?

Many of us can become so wrapped up in other people’s concerns that we lose a little part of ourselves in the process. We actually take on these concerns and make them our own. This serves little to resolve the issue other than to give us a little insight into how the other person may be feeling. Once we understand or at least have an idea of what the other person is actually experiencing, we will feel compassion which will result in love generated for that individual.

This is the only positive thing that can result from taking on other people’s anxieties. Once you have aroused your compassion, (which can be accomplished without taking on someone else’s issues) it is time to let it go. Release it before you begin to make it your own. You can offer the individual involved your care and loving concern and perhaps you might even have some good advice, but that is as far as you can realistically go. Holding on or owning these worries serves no useful purpose and eventually will bring you down and in this state you can provide nothing viable to aid in the solution to the issues.

When we experience traumatic events or events that do not seem to fit into our idea of how our life should be, we again take this route. Experience the event by accepting what has happened and filter through what you can do to alleviate the condition. It may be a trying time especially if we fight what has already taken place (and we cannot turn back the hands of time). Process the event by facing the situation. Accept that it has happened but do not own the condition. Ultimately, to move beyond the situation, you have to let go of the conditions and find the appropriate way to move forward.

We are in no way downplaying any of life’s testing moments and there will be moments in life when you may feel that there is no solution and no way out, but letting go and letting life take its course is often the best way to look at things. Holding on to hurtful incidents that you have no control over only serves to weigh you down. If we focus on the negative this will only leaves you with more of the same and this can take you to places that you really do not want to go.

Understand that everything happens for a reason and as we all know the greatest lessons in life become our biggest learning tools. Look at these experiences as important opportunities for growth and building blocks of the future. Often these conditions push us in alternate directions that later on prove to be exactly where we needed to go. We go through these difficult lessons---these sometimes life altering conditions--to get to that place of understanding and renewed growth and new beginnings. If we fight the conditions and refuse to learn the lesson at hand, it will only keep resurfacing until we cannot deny what must be.

Stand tall in the face of adversity and know that you will overcome. You will be victorious and come out a better and stronger individual as a result of life’s lessons. There will be moments we see as obstacles throughout our life’s route. How will you deal with them? Will you turn around and not make it to the destination? Will you fight the road block and chisel away at it until it is gone or will you accept that it is there, climb over it and continue on your way?

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