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Today, April 16, 2022, we are experiencing a Full Moon in the sign of Libra at 26 degrees. Libra, a Cardinal, Air sign is strongly attached to relationships. Partnership and the need for balance and harmony are forefront. Although balance and harmony are key in relationships there is also a need for justice and fairness. Libra is a very amiable sign and truly wants to build on trust and honor through integrity and in some cases compliance.

The house position of this full moon in your chart will help define the areas of life if influencing your chart and other planetary energies making aspects to this position will also temper its influence.

The Full Moon speaks of the culmination of events started when the New Moon was in the same sign some six months ago. What was started then may now be near completion. Adjustments may be required if you did not put in the required work.

Currently T Pluto is 28 degrees Capricorn making a square to the position of the Full Moon and within range of having an influence. Pluto when making a square to this position can hamper outcomes and cause power struggles that may call for transformations on some level. There are no halfway measures about Pluto, and it can be quite disruptive, festering in the background for some time and now showing its energy.

If this has to do with marriage, adjustments are required and often on a large scale as the relationship may have been challenged for some time. Things will surface and need to be dealing with. These must be met head on and dealt with accordingly. The seventh house would be activated or perhaps the Ascendant.

If the occupation is asking for attention, then the tenth house or perhaps Saturn or the Sun might be part of the influence.

It should be understood that squares although challenging also indicate that some action is required in order to move forward and this is the beauty of this aspect. It is challenging enough to push you to make things right or change direction. In some case when Pluto is involved the changes are significant and is changed dramatically, although this will not be sudden in nature as you likely know that things need revamping.

Although this period can be challenged you will find that over time the changes were the right move and you will understand why as the dust settles.

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