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On October 6, 2021, at 7:05 a.m. we will be having a New Moon in the sign of Libra at 13 degrees. For those affected, this will be an especially active New Moon phase as transiting Mars is (conjunct) also at 13 degrees Libra and transiting Uranus is at 13 degrees in the sign of Taurus in quincunx to this position.

This will likely be an adjustment period due to quick action and response time to an active period in life. Uranus often calls for change of direction and this often takes place with little or no advance notice. Sometimes the new is exactly what is called for although in general it takes some time to realize that this push was in the right direction. Perhaps you are quite comfortable with what was but at the same time feel the urge to move out of complacency and make adjustments to life.

Jumping is never suggested and with the push of Mars in conjunction to this New Moon it might have been inevitable and almost out of your control. If this is very personal in nature perhaps this positioning involved the ascendant or first house. If this has to do with a relationship the seventh house or fifth may be involved. If this is about career options, then perhaps this energy is linked to the MC or tenth house planetary placements. These are a few examples of how these energies can have profound influences in our lives but a detailed look into the natal chart and other transit is always suggested.

What we begin now can have huge ramifications in about six month’s time when we often reap the rewards for our efforts at the Full Moon placement in the same sign. However, a lot often takes place in the first month after the New Moon. The houses involved will define the areas of life involved and you will need to review all the natal placements to get a clear picture of what is transpiring in life.

This New Moon in the sign of Libra, often points towards the need for balance and equality on some level. Things must be fair and honest and move you in the right direction and diplomacy is often a side-shoot of this placement. Relationships are often part of the process and being complacent or not taking advantage of the powerful energies in place would be a waste of perfect timing. With the need for fairness and justice, taking sides rarely works to the satisfaction of anyone, but neither does sitting on the fence. Action is required which in turn can bring forth the changes needed and build over time. It may take place rather suddenly, but it will likely take some time to realize that the change was required.

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