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Life and Love

We are one, co-existing within the framework of our consciousness, always reaching to connect with our pure essence. Our sacred and sanctified unity with our source is also a connection with all that is. We are to live in harmony with all of life.

We build on this unity as we mature into ourselves reaching ever further into our most intimate being. We are a spiritual connection dwelling momentarily in an earthly vehicle. We are not our bodies. We are not our thoughts. We are eternal beings. We explore to learn of our essence. We join forces to help coordinate a universal movement of pure love.

Our essence resonates on an internal level but reveals itself through an ongoing process to those that are ready to experience it existence. Remaining open to this eventual awakening, releases our bondage to material concerns. It is within our grasp to realize our true objective and help facilitate the ongoing awakening taking hold in our world. We are the facilitators of peace.

We are to open our hearts and to resonate the love that is our core and in so doing, we awaken the same in others. We are not segregated or separate from each other. We all share this life together regardless of distance and we are molding a future for the next generation.

We are the facilitators and the manufactures of peace and love, regardless of our earth’s condition and what we experience through media and other external influences. It is not hopeless unless you allow this expression to exist. These are the early days of the evolution. You are the pioneer.

Our purpose in this life is to keep the process moving forward regardless of obstruction and challenges that lie before us. We must push forward in the face of adversity regardless of the current conditions that are thrown our way. Live by example and be the light for others. Find your true essence simply by living within its framework.

You are the light. You are joined through your light with others. This is your essence and your purpose. Live it; be it and above all else, believe!

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