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Life does not move along smoothly without lessons. We live day to day embarking on our journey pushing forward with our own specific intent. We pursue our goals, build on our achievements, advance our causes and formulate an action plan for the future. In many cases we really do not know what lies ahead, but we do have to make goals. Our aspirations sometimes exceed our expectations and sometimes they fall short.

There are many lessons along the way, and we move through them at our own pace. Some work through challenges without resistance, while others have great difficulty moving through adversity. Life is not easy but it is not all problematic either. Attitude of course plays a significant role in how life feels and regardless of achievement or failure our attitude magnified whatever we focus on.

Important lessons are often taught in times of strife, and anxiety can build as we maneuver our way forward. Anxiety and stress can have profound influences on our health and wellbeing, and we must find ways to alleviate the worry caused by our expectations and anticipation.

Recognition that our focus on life is beyond significant is an important lesson and is a great tool to move beyond a hard lesson or to not make a lesson larger than it has to be.

When we move into the times between lessons (our reflection or rest period) it is important to recognize just how fortunate these times are. Be thankful. Appreciation is important.

There are many who do not live the lives we live in the Western World and their struggles are beyond anything we might ever experience. Recognize that we are fortunate.

Take advantage of the lessons that come your way. They are not punishment; they are growth opportunities. Take responsibility for whatever lessons you are to learn as on some level you will grow from them. In many cases, change, which is often a byproduct of challenge, places us right on path and moves us where we need to go, even though we may not see it at that time. Accept adversity and learn and then let it go. Nothing is permanent. The experience of anxiety or worry is human but it is a choice.

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