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What personal values are on your priority list? What is the definition of a “Life of Quality”?

Our values do help to define us, as these values are normally areas of life that we focus our energy on. Although the opinions of others should be insignificant to our values, we may ask others what their perceptions are and this might influence our choices. Do other people’s opinions have an influence on how you are living your life?

Are your priorities set in stone? Are you flexible according to what you feel is important in life right now, at this moment?

For most, priorities do seem to change as we mature, but the core focus often does not fluctuate. If we depend on others to provide us with feedback as to how we are living our lives, then perhaps we need to have a closer and more personal look at what we are doing with our lives.

There is no right or wrong focus, but a change of direction in our attitude and our belief structure can filter into daily living. We are not here to judge nor are we here to have to defend our way of living. As a matter of fact if we have to defend our way of living, are we truly living according to our beliefs? A set course of action based on love and compassion does not need to be defended.

We are creatures of habit and although we can become set in these habits we can also alter them if we so choose. As soon as we identify an attitude or way of living that does not feel right for our objectives, we can make alterations to that condition to more suite our ever maturing goals in life.

We are never at the mercy of others and we do not have to live our lives to suit others’ opinions. The only opinion that matters is our own. We are solely responsible for our actions and our journey. If our choices do not match our objectives, are we truly living an authentic life? What are your own personal goals?

Although we might be veering off of our own set course now and then, it is important to recognize where we are placing our intentions and these intentions will dictate our steps. If we do not like the path we are walking, we simply need to adjust accordingly. Set your vibrations to a higher frequency. How do we do this? We can devote more time to service to others in need and have gratitude for what life has brought to us thus far. These are a very good start.

We certainly do manifest our lives according to our focus and efforts. We also hold the key to any decision making while in that process.

Are you happy with your journey? If not, what can you change to raise you vibration and feel more gratitude? (No one else can change this for you.) If you are, keep up the great attitude!

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