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Have you ever purposefully taken a close look at all that surrounds you?

Have you taken a close look at nature?

Have you looked around your home and been truly thankful for all that is available to you?

There is so much beauty that surrounds us yet so many of us do not see it as we spend our days listening to the babbling voice in our mind. We miss the enjoyment of the moment and see very little of what is next to us.

Look around you now as you are reading this post. I mean a good look. Don’t just scan your surroundings. Focus on the little details. Take them in and feel their presence. Let them make an imprint.

Why do we ignore what is right in front of us?

Now go a step further. Review your life, your children, partner, pets, parents, siblings, all family whether blood or chosen, those whom you work with or see regularly at work.

Now go even deeper and pay attention to those that you pass on the road, in stores, on your walk or in the movie theater. Take it all in during the moment and let this “seeing” spill into your day. Pay attention to it all.

Experience breathing in air...feel the warmth or coolness of the air. Experience how it feels on your skin. Feel the warmth of the Sun. Experience the stars. Feel the energy of the Moon. Take in the fragrances of all that surrounds you.

When people are on holidays, they take in much of their surroundings and experience life much more than when living their day-to-day life.

Why do we not focus on everyday life? Each moment is special and holds its own magic. We CAN open our eyes to all that we normally take for granted and feel life’s experience. We can even feel life’s vibrations and our interaction with what is taking place if we place our focus there. We can also experience intuition and a connection to all living things if we choose to pay attention. This and so much more surrounds us every moment. How much of life are we missing?

The next time we feel as though life is offering us nothing, have a little peak at what is right in front of you. If life feels difficult it is not from the events that are taking place, but due to our attitude towards what is taking place. All this that we fight will eventually pass but these events would be much easier to experience if we just accepted. We are not suggesting that we allow ourselves to be a victim. Quite the contrary. We can take control of our reaction to life and insist that it will benefit us, not knock us down.

When life is what we term as good, we can hold this energy in our hearts and be thankful. What we term as hard times offer growth. Experience it all. We are only here for a short time in the grand scheme of things, but in the moment, we have eternity. Gratitude and happiness are within our grasps always. Take advantage of what life is offering but we must recognize this to enjoy it.

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