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Life's Flight

As we board a plane to travel to new and exciting destinations, we have full and complete faith in the flight crew. They are experienced with the instruments of their aircraft, they have flight plans and they are aware of each and every variable possible that may lay ahead. We sit, we relax and enjoy the flight.

Such is our life’s flight. Our pure essence, our souls and our guides have our complete flight plans and they see the circumstances and the “whys” that we cannot. The clouds of material life block our view and our understanding of the complete flight. Our pilot will take us on the perfect path to our destination. So often, we try to take over the controls of the plane from those that are experienced but our knowledge and visibility are so restricted we only set ourselves up to experience turbulences that only the experienced crew could anticipate.

Let go of control. Let those with the experience guide you along your path. Faith will allow you to enjoy your flight no matter where it is taking you.

We cannot see the airport we flew out of nor can we see the airport where we will land. This very moment—the flight--is all that there is right now. Allow yourself to soar!

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