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As you venture forward uncovering life’s mysteries along your journey, have you ever thought about your contribution to this unfolding story?

Have you ever thought of the integral part you play?

You are unique and there is no one like you! Do you understand that it is not by chance that you are here inthis moment in time?

What is YOUR purpose?

Could we be looking far too deep for this purpose?

Do you expect something earthmoving to take place that will open your eyes (and your mind) to some unknown truth?

What is the truth and how do we uncover it?

We are always on track and life is unfolding just as it should. We must take responsibility for our part in this moment. Do you recognize this moment without moving out of it? Experience this instant as it is..... right now! Focus, see and experience this immediate space in time.

Experiencing the moment is a great part of awareness. It is tuning into the now without any intention or thought about what tomorrow will bring and what has slipped away in the past.

Awareness is understanding the moment and all its intricacies. It is knowing that you are an intricate part of this process. Through your belief structure, you have slowly formulated this moment in time, and with your expectations, you are slowly molding your future one moment at a time. It has been said that we should be careful of what we ask for. With this understanding, pay heed to what you want to bring into fruition.

Be clear with what you want to manifest into your life and focus your energies in that direction. Make sure that your intentions are worthy as these pursuits will not only affect you but they will also have an impact on others. Go beyond material manifestations for what you need will be provided, although it may not be what you think you need.

Life is energy; we are energy. We can transcend our immediate (off the cuff) response to life’s experience simply by focusing our attention in any direction we choose.

There is much that goes on beneath the surface. In altered states of consciousness, such as the dream state and within meditative experiences, we link up with higher energy that assists us in our journey. Be open to the suggestions along the way that assist us in achieving what it is we are working towards. Many times, life’s challenging conditions are our greatest teachers yet we try to avoid these challenges. Be open to all that life offers. Be thankful for all that is.

Often the more difficult the experience, the greater the growth and understanding we obtain. These provide us with internal strength and guide us forward on our planned route. Remove the expectations and frustrations from your experience.

Never be too hard on yourself. It is okay, too, to allow yourself to be human. That is why we are here.

Take life by the reigns and move along your journey always being open to the truth. Open your heart and include love in your focus. When you come to a fork in the road, be open to what might be lying just beyond either route for there are no wrong turns.

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