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Throughout life we meet those we consider to be magnificent souls. They stand out and find a place not only in our hearts and minds but become a part of our creative movement. They inspire us to believe in ourselves and have faith in our future. They teach us to let go of our past and live in the present. Even though they influence us, we may never meet these people in person.

There are authors who not only encourage us and motivate us through their works but also seem to stir up something within which has been laying in wait for awakening. There are speakers and teachers (both in and out of school) who inspire us and help us believe in ourselves. They seem to speak directly to us and it feels as though they were meant to be in our lives during that precise moment.

Teachers can come in the form of parents, siblings, children, other relatives, close friends and yes even foes. They seem to say the right triggering words when we need them to either sooth us or to motivate us.

Life experience is the greatest teacher of all. This holds true as we work our way through adversity, bask in the times of wonder, listen….truly listen without the need to respond, and practice growth through experience as we continue moving forward.

Even in times of despair we move forward learning and building along the way. We gain strength from adversity and at some point through our own experiences we too can become a teacher to those who may need us during crucial times in their lives. We can be the greatest teacher through example.

Life is a magnificent experience with all of its life altering events. We are the students of this wonderous life. Be open and listen intently!

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