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We all experience the inner flow of information on a constant basis. This information can come from many sources.

There are times that the sources of this information is our busy mind sending reflections of our day’s experience and helping us rationalize events as they are presented to us. We spend time reflecting on concepts and reviewing our reaction to life’s events as they unfold. This is our mind transferring information and deciphering diverse interactions from our daily events.

There are times when the information source is our ego’s reflection and delegation of attitude towards this inner dialogue. Ego can provide us with opinions and judgement on what is taking place. It can either pushes us forward to fulfill our objectives in life or it can pull us back and cause us to question our objectives. It can offer potentials for making decisions based on what can help us and provide us with comfort and determination. Ego can also offer potentials for making decisions which will cause hurdles through either positive or negative exaggeration.

There are many different faces to ego. Could ego be a reflection of our inner thought patterns?

Sometimes some of the information processed hinders us and holds us back and these thoughts are related to feelings of insecurity or fear. These fears often stop us short during opportune moments when we should actually be moving forward. If we pursue these thoughts of fear and we believe that these feeling are there to protect us, these fears could be standing in the way of our progress.

Do not hesitate to questions your thoughts. I have fear. Where does this fear stem from? What are the possible outcomes of ignoring this fear? What are the possible outcomes of running with this fear?

As we continue to learn the many lessons of self discovery, we also learn how to decipher all the feedback we get internally. We then can make appropriate moves when fortunate opportunities or chances for growth present themselves.

When we are faced with traumatic events and we seek assistance, this is when our information sources come from our higher self and our spiritual guides. If we are in danger or making choices that would prove to be against our better judgement, we receive input and somehow, some way our path is altered without any conscious decision on our part. This is our guides stepping in and assisting us so that we can stay on our path.

Any time you feel a positive push or a helping hand just out of the blue, you can be sure that your guides are acting on your best interests. They are always available and at a moment’s notice. They are always there guiding you in the right direction. Never be afraid to ask for their assistance.

If the information coming in does not sit well with you, does not feel right, does not resonates with the core you, do not identify with it. Let it go. Understand that the mind and the ego can create illusions that appear real to the conscious mind but the unconscious mind knows better.

If you question yourself and your motives then this is probably generated from the minds interaction. Your guides are easy to spot and just as easy to understand because they always have what is best for you in mind. There is never a negative response from your guides although there may be times when you might not like what you hear as sometimes the truth is hard to swallow.

The outcome of all events in life should provide you with spiritual insight and an uplifting feeling even in times of stress. There seems to be gentle guidance that fills you with comfort and positive energy when you are on your true path. We are not at the mercy of life. We make our own choices, although sometimes life seems to push us in certain directions. We have to have faith that our pure essence will always guide and protect us as will our guides. Open the door to this guidance. Listen to the quite voice that is constantly speaking to you. The voice is often very subtle. Its advice always feels right.

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