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It can be somewhat challenging when after a lifetime of listening and adhering to your ego that you begin to recognize and hear the quiet soothing voice that radiates love and compassion from within.

The ego may have held a dominant role in your life for many years but recognizing the inner voice as truth, will slowly release ego’s unyielding grip and its domination which is powered by fear.

The ego will attempt to stand in the way of the truth offered by the inner voice that constantly reminds us of our true self. We can rely on the inner voice for guidance even though our ego will tell us that this is not true. Our ego will argue that even if this information is true, we are not worthy. We can expect this inner voice, whispered by our higher self, our guides or source, to prove to us over time of its existence. It never fails and always promotes strength.

The ego searches for ways to weaken our resolve and tells us often that no such inner personality exists and that we are under its total control.

When we learn to listen to the inner voice for guidance and assistance it becomes louder and stronger and the ego loses its grip. It can take time to reach this place of understanding and we will be tempted during the process to let go and give up. We will be told that what we are searching for does not exist and that no matter how hard we try we are held captive although being held captive is not how this will be expressed.

We can make a choice on what directive to follow and we always have control on what we want to do with this new found information, but we must recognize how the ego operates, and over time, we will learn how to decipher between what is ego and what is truth.

The time has come to move out of the grips of ego. We are no longer held without allowing ourselves to be held. The time is ripe for action. What we can do with this freedom? We can manifest a life that resonates with purpose and allows us flight in the process.

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