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As a parent, we have witnessed and emotionally experienced the many changing proverbial faces of our children. For those that have young children, you are just beginning this wonderful and emotional journey.

We utilize the time that we are given to mold and influence our children as best we can yet they are certainly impacted in part by life’s experiences beyond our walls. The best we can, we steer them in the appropriate directions when they are close and we lend an ear when they are willing to talk to let them know that someone is interested and cares.

Getting them to open up can be a parent’s most challenging task and unfortunately, there are times when we have to accept that they will not open up to us. This is frustrating as a parent as we truly believe, even instinctively know, that we can help to guide them through most of life’s adversity. It is so essential to reinforce that we have their backs and we are always available when needed, for this is what unconditional love truly is.

For those with very young children, you have the opportunity now to reinforce the importance of talking things through and that you will always be at their side under any circumstance. If you lay this foundation now and truly listen when they have their stories to tell, they will more often than not reach out to you and trust you with their private concerns.

Our greatest gift to our children, even to those that now have matured, is to let them know that we love them and will always be at their side whatever the circumstance. By listening to the little things, they will know that they can come to us with the bigger issues. The greatest lessons they will learn will be through our everyday examples. What examples are we offering them?

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