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Don’t wait to grow old before you allow yourself to be comfortable with whom you are. In order to understand who you are, do not avoid addressing internal issues. Encourage personal inner reflection and self-evaluation. Reflection does not insinuate judgement, however. Identify concepts and ideas that feel right deep within. Distinguish the difference between preconceived notions and those ideas that give you goose bumps. Preconceived notions and taught boundaries only serve to stifle our belief in ourselves and what we will be capable of doing.

Be who you are (within) at this very moment. You will change with each life event so who you were yesterday could be only a shadow of who you are today, if you do not reside behind the closed door of limitations. It is so important is to be yourself, no matter who or what opposes you. Be comfortable in your skin. You are an original masterpiece not a copy.

Make goals; set your own high standards that you and you alone will attain. Climb your own personal ladder of life.

Vocational aspirations are part of this earthly life. Family, friends and our homes are also part of this earthly existence. Enjoy what life offers and again, allow the joy that each moment brings. Joy is a choice.

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