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Living in Divine Light

In prayer we reach out to our living messenger and holy minister of truth that light be spread over our consciousness and bring us in touch with our destiny. We pray that the path of righteousness be clear in our knowing and that we administer these traits into our being. We ask that the truth be given and that all of mankind find a place of solace and contentment and that we may dwell in comfort and safety among our fellow brothers and sisters during times of strife and anxiety.

Please teach us, and deliver us to a place where we can be at peace with one another across our world and spread true harmony to each and every living soul. Please help us recover that place of attunement with our higher self and spread the word of love in our entangled world.

Bring us ever closer to the wisdom of the ancient teachings that lie dormant in so many and allow our world to flower. Let each of us find our path to enlightenment and truth in our own particular way and help us attain a state of peace and tranquility of lasting quality that encapsulates us to our very core.

We open ourselves to the truth and envision the glory of what lies ahead with clear insight and transformative opportunity. We ask this in the name of pure essence and our holy ancestors without judgement, this day and forever more. Amen.

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