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Living in the Arms of Faith

One of the hardest lessons we can learn is the ability to live through faith. It is one of the final steps in the orchestration of living in the mystical realm. Many search for living proof of a divine revelation on some level or another. We are creatures of learning. We resonate when we are learning but we often require some form of proof before we plunge into a new area.

Some fear this veil of uncertainty. Understand that it is the mind’s interference that creates these insecurities and obstructions to the truth. Many concepts are passes down from generation to generation. We have been programmed throughout our lives on many different levels. How can we blindly follow these passed down concepts and ideals yet we have such difficulty having faith in our own true knowing?

You may have faith that in the afterlife if we live a life without compliance to what is considered to be correct, we will face demons at deaths door. Why the can we not have faith in the knowing that God, our true essence, all that inspires, true Love, call it what you will, only knows love and compassion? Would a loving God have you face demons upon death--or the crossing through the door to the next existence--or our proverbial door to the next stage of awakening?

Release worry about your past and how you have lived your life. That is in the past. Today is a fresh start. This “now” is all that we have. Undoubtedly there is Karma on one level or another, but we can face much of our Karma now if we wish, or push it into our next existence. When we cross that bridge, or open that door, we are all met with the same similar warm loving embrace of acceptance and understanding.

When following your life’s pursuit and having crossed many barriers along the way, if you accept that we all have the ingredients to move ahead at any given time into our intended direction, this is faith. Believe in life and its process. Have FAITH that it is taking you in the proper direction. There is only one thing that we know as truth.......that LOVE EXISTS.

Negative information does not have its place in this existence. There is no real significance in the negative forces that passed down information has ingrained into our belief system other than for control purposes. Know this and refocus your life on PURE LOVE, because nothing else matters. By doing this you close the door to any negativity and only allow THE PURE ESSENCE--LOVE ITSELF to filter through the core of your being. It already does and always will resonate within. Have FAITH!

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