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Living Now

When we were born, we emerged in the moment. Was there a concept of future or of the past?

Some believe that as we emerge into this physical existence, we were quite aware of our last incarnation and our spiritual connection, as well as the life’s purpose we just entered into. This ingrained understanding perhaps holds true to living in the moment, as the present moment holds with it all past and possible future potentials. It is believed that the past, present and future are all here now. We somehow lose focus of this as we become veiled in our earthly moment and are focused on making plans for future potentialities.

To hold on to the eternal now, we focus on what is happening now. The moment seems to slow down and we have the ability to experience life’s sometimes quick release of information and events. We live in that moment, instead of filtering events. Living in the moment when first put into motion can seem overwhelming for some but when this practice is habit, we can concentrate quite naturally on each event and thought as it is processed.

The moment is not foreign to us, as a part of us always dwells in this eternal now and is quite aware of all the subtleties that are constantly occurring around us. We subconsciously choose to focus on specifics and hence the passage of time.

Is time a manmade concept? If you have a moment, review Einstein’s “Relativity and the Space-time Continuum” theory. Versions similar to “Cole’s versions” are available.

Our concept of the passage of time adheres to our focus on particular events. We filter through our life’s events as they unfolding. We concentrate on certain objectives or areas of life that hold our attention. As a result, we miss large portions of what takes place around us on a constant basis.

There are instances when we focus in the moment and time and events seem to stagnate or appear to slow down. One often experiences these time passages during “approaching or near miss accidents” or in moments of enlightenment and pure joy. Focusing on the “now” also clears the mind as the mind has a tendency to wonder and absorb events and stimuli on a constant basis. Meditation is a viable technique to enhance the moment and still the mind, allowing the opening to other dimensions which are not common during our everyday routine focus.

If you are so inclined, sit for five minutes with a clock in front of you and become aware of the passage of time and how it slows down. Close your eyes and meditate on clearing your thoughts for five minutes and watch how time passes.

Time is an illusion or a concept and its passage depends greatly on the observer and their conscientious focus on that particular moment in the time and events.

Activate your awareness of the moment by practicing these methods. Gradually lengthen the meditation time and pay close attention to the passage of time and your apparent concept of time. Again to assist, you can use a timer for this experience. Begin with small increments of time and gradually increase the span of time. Take note of its passage. Ten minutes one day will pass on a completely different scale as ten minutes another day.

Focus in the now. Attain the moment. This is where we are meant to live.

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