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Many individuals struggle with their past and things that they have done. Many are caught up in these incidents and struggle to move on.

The past is behind us and what we have done cannot be changed. Feeling guilty about what we have done or our part in what has taken place is quite common; however, we are likely not that same individual as we continually grow from our experiences. We are always capable of making changes and of learning moving forward.

Our past actions do not define us. We have to learn to accept these memories or behaviors but let them go and no longer identifying with them. The NEW YOU has many options. You choose where you go moving forward.

If you were providing guidance to someone else ”in your shoes” , what would you say to them?

Take your own advice and leave the past behind. Rid yourself of guilt. It serves no viable purpose today. Release yourself from bondage of the past. Yesterday has no place in today!

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