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Seek not from outside that can only truly be found within.

Open the doors to true perception through visualization and awareness. Love can only be found within. It is ever present within and is begging to be recognized and shared. Allow this emotion to flow freely not only on an emotion level but also on an instinctual level.

Love cannot develop through our intellect although we must recognize its presence. Love is a living breathing energy that radiates outward once recognized and released. It is ever-expansive and always seeks expansion. It can never be lost, although if the mind is allowed to wonder off in different directions or on a different focus, it may appear as though it has been lost.

Love is available to everyone regardless of their characters and can be found at any level of understanding. Even those that practice the most intrusive behaviours are loved. Unfortunately many individuals misplace their love in material things. Better still they mistake other emotions for love. At times loves appears to be blemished by life events; however true love is pure and is forgiving.

To reconnect to love we must turn within. If your world appears to be lacking in love, you have hidden it away deep within. You cannot save love or lock it away. It only flourishes when it is allows to flow freely. Believe that you are worthy of love, especially self love, even if your mind says that you are not.

Open your heart and allow its energy to shines bright. It is calling you! Love is your inner light, your core and it radiates warmth to the furthest reaches of life’s experiences.

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