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Throughout life, there will be situations that we struggle with. Most of us experience lost romance at some point, especially when we are young, and the loss is so intense that we hold on hoping that things will change and these individuals will miraculously come back to us. Sometimes this does happen, and it is usually when we finally let go and accept. Letting go often opens the door to what lies next.

As we mature and with some earlier than others, we undergo a heavy period when our parents become old and fragile and are no longer able to take care of themselves without help from outside sources. We know that it is only a matter of time and their journey will be over. We do our best to show them we love them and do what we can to help them in whatever ways are possible. Eventually they pass over and we go through the process of this personal loss. In the long run, we adjust and learn to let go, even if we know that they are energetically still with us. We must let go of them in physical terms.

Some of us lose close friends and family as time passes and once again, we are faced with even more challenging conditions. Losing our parents is emotionally hard but so is losing other family members and close friends.

In some cases, we were able to prepare for the final day. Other times, a loved one’s passing happens unexpectedly, and we might not even have had a chance to say our goodbyes. Our loved ones certain want us to move along and let go of what was. As hard as it may be, it is imperative that we live in the present and let go of what was but that doesn’t mean we cannot carry the love.

These events can be emotionally difficult, and no one can tell anyone how to deal with these situations. We must reach deep within and find our own answers and go through our own process. The one thing in common to all these experiences is that we have to accept, let go and move on. Some hold on to the pass so tightly. They feel they cannot let go of what was and then they forget to live themselves.

We will never forget but time and acceptance does soften the rough edges.

If we look at death realistically, it is inevitable. Yes, it is important to mourn our losses (as the mourning is for what we will miss not the loved one that has passed on) but then remember to celebrate the individual that we loved so dearly and be grateful for all that was shared with them. Would they not want us to celebrate them as opposed to suffering because of their graduation to the next level of their existence?

Our loved ones are never far away and when we think of them, they are even closer. Do not be afraid or uncomfortable talking to them. They hear you and communicate with you in their own way.

If you are at a crossroad and someone near and dear has passed on, acceptance will open doors that would otherwise be closed. Acceptance allows us to keep living. Our recovery period awaits us. Acknowledge deep in our hearts that we are strong enough to see this through.

We are never alone, and we can always reach out for help if we are having difficulty finding our own light.

Our loved ones are at our side always.

Live within each moment in time. Appreciate life’s wonders as they are ever present if we choose to see them. Life is to be lived. Life is to be celebrated, not mourned.

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